Library Stories

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“Join us to see how libraries change lives in inspiring and surprising ways.”

Library Stories is a video series of moving personal interviews that show what The New York Public Library means to the users, staff, donors, and communities. Intending to release a new episode each week from one of 92 locations in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island, the project stopped posting new content in October 2017.

The stories are emotional and normally focus on something that is relatable with the working context of the library. Notice the case of Ep. 79.

Ep. 79 “When I Started Reading” |

Challenged to read more, Khadija headed to her nearest NYPL branch and started checking out her summer reading list—until she was into the hundreds of books. Now in college, she looks back on that as an important turning point in her life.

For complete accesse to the collection of Library Stories <;.

For more information about the NYPL <;.

Silvana Costa

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